ZippyV2 build info


World’s smallest fully autonomous Pixhawk quadcopter:

Despite it’s super compact frame design, it is possible to pack a lot of components onto the ZippyV2 frame.  Below shows an example build using a Pixhawk (allowing for fully autonomous flight by simply tapping points onto a Google map on a iPhone or Android–as well as Follow Me features).

openViewCo3dr radio options cameraOptions



After checking out the latest information on this page, be sure to check out the archived Zippy pages for build tips and more info.  There’s also more info on my Youtube channel, and there’s also a ton of user notes on RCGroups Zippy Page.



Above: easy access to the “guts”, showing simplicity of design, complete FPV setup.

Using the 4-in-1 ESC:

ESC info

Using the ESC PLATE with regular ESCs:

We have a new option –you can now use regular ESCs and still maintain the super-compactness of the Zippy by using our new ESC Plate.  Here’s how it works:

using ESCPlate



The Elgae FPV Camera Video Transmitter (vTx) kit is available from RCTimer.  This is a nice kit, and works with the Porta-Quads with no soldering required.

porta-quad Elgae no_solder FPV

VARIOUS CONFIGURATIONS OF THE PORTA_QUAD:  note how the arms can be mounted on top of the top frame, or on the bottom of the top frame.  All these configurations still fit into the waterproof zippered case–the GoPro version requires 43mm spacers and low-profile motors like the Emax 1806 (recommend replace spinners with left- and right- hand M5 nuts).

pquad various configs

Accessory Package and other Gear:

Compact build enhanced by using the Favourite Sky III 12A 4-in-1 ESC with XT60 connector, JST connector, and 2mm female bullets all pre-soldered, a XT60 mount (holes are pre-drilled on the Zippy), and the  waterproof zippered case as pictured.

emax motorsAlso often used are the Emax 1806 2280kv motors with pre-soldered 2mm male bullets (which makes the complete build completely solderless!)–we like the Emax 1806 motors because they are only 25mm tall—super compact is the name of the game!  Enjoy!