Zippy V1 (5″)

The Zippy Folding Mini-Quad  is designed for 5″ propellers.  It’s called the Zippy because it zips into a tiny waterproof case, and it zips around in flight!



  • Comes with all hardware to build the frame.
  • $75 (plus $15 worldwide shipping).
  • Prices in US Dollars


  • Unique overlapping folding arm design (“OFAD”)
  • Foldable mini-quad for easy pack and go!
  • High motors for stability and minimal propeller breakage.
  • Aligned center of gravity for super-stable flight–minimal tuning required.
  • Lightweight G10 frame design (129grams) able to take hard hits.
  • Drilled mounting holes for ESC’s and flight controller.
  • Designed for 1806 2300KV motors.
  • Clean wiring options.
  • Fully FPV capable.
  • GoPro or Mobius.

Please note that this frame is designed for 1806 motors, and is best built with the recommended 4-in-1 12A ESC (see parts list below).

Build Photos:

build1build2buildAbuild 3buildBpacked size


4 M3 x 8mm hex bolts (for attaching bumpers to 3mm frame).
4 M3x10mm bolts and 4 M3 Nylock Nuts (for main arm pivot).
4 M3x12mm bolts, 4 washers, and 4 M3 Wingnuts (for folding arm pivot slot).
4 M3 Brass spacers, 4 M3 Nylon spacers, and 4 M3 nylon nuts (for breakaway spacer system).

 Comes with everything you need to build the frame (NOTE: New design no longer requires red bumpers thus these are no longer included).


Recommended Equipment:

  • MOTORS–1806 2300KV
  • Tiger Navigator 1806 ( $26 each)
  • Buzz Hobbies DYS 1806 2300KV ($14 each)
  • ESC–BL Heli 4-in-1 12A: This is an inexpensive and good quality (and light) 12A 4-in-1 electronic speed controller available here: Favourite Sky III ($32)
  • Waterproof case:   This small case (made for a GoPro) fits the Zippy. Order the smallest size for the Zippy. ($8)
  • Suggested FPV Gear: 
  • Video Transmitter ($25)
  • FPV Camera: 25mm 600tvl  ($35)
  • BATTERY: Turnigy nano-tech 1300mAh 3S 45~90C Lipo Pack (Mobius on top)
  • Flight Controller:  Naze32 or OpenPilot CC3D (~$30)
  • Total cost of components: $185-$250, plus frame and Mobius/GoPro.

First Flight–super stable:


Porta-Quad Build Log 

Latest Model:

IMG_4927 Note:  You can also mount arms on top–recommended if you are using 4 separate ESCs (rather than the convenient 4-in-1 ESC).  Below shows the folding arms mounted on top of the 3mm G10 top plate:

Arms on Top photo