FPV Contest: reasons for a porta-quad

And the winner for the best porta-quad comment is Kevin Ryan, for his poetic entry:
“When the need for speed, 
need for carrying ease and 
need to fly in the breeze come together 
– its Porta-Quads for speedy, easy, breezy flying. 
Get One today!!”

For complete list of entries, see FPV (Multi-Rotor, Heli and Fixed wing) Facebook Page (a good group to join!)

Other Entries (samples):

I think the best reason for myself to have Porta-quads compact folding frame would be the ability for me to get into FPV and to explore new areas of my town that I may not be able to get into myself. Plus it would be something to show my friends what it really could be like and get them into quads and FPV.

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My use for a Porta-quad would be to secretly take an FPV multicopter on family vacations and go fly before everyone wakes up. It’s so small that it easily fits in baggage!

 I’d like one so when the wife tells me I’m not allowed out to play I can sneak it out in my pocket

 I have a very very small car and i am in great need for a very very small quad..

 I am a cyclist, and I am travel to Poland and threw Europe this summer with my bicycle, I would love to bring a quad with me on the whole trip.

Would love to have something to fit in a pack for fpv on the go well traveling florida for those hard to get to flying spots ! Plus it’s got some sexy curves.

The most practical reason for having a folding quad is so that it can fold up in a crash and Sasquatch deterrence. It is a proven fact, Sasquatches avoid folding quads. A friend of mine has a folding quad and all of the times we’ve been out flying, we’ve never seen a Sasquatch. Please help me stay safe from Sasquatches and send me this frame!

 I need a Porta-quad because I am attempting to put together a team for search and rescue of lost persons. I work for a fire department near Atlanta Georgia, USA. This concept of UAV will give me the capabilities of a more compact frame to allow for packing and hiking through wilderness or urban areas to find the proper deployment location.