Porta-quad Design

The Porta-Quad is the world’s most compact full-featured folding quadcopter.  All models include long range FPV, and the Autonomous Porta-Quads feature full navigation programmable capabilities using Pixhawk flight controllers, all in a package that can be folded about the size of a small camera case.


animated unpacking of the porta-quad


Zippy Folding Quad


The Porta-Quad was originally designed with the requirement of getting to remote places without the need for large protective carrying cases and quick deployability (i.e. no need to install props upon deployment, for example).  Here is the Autonomous Porta-Quad in action:


We’ve made commercial versions but now the design is open source. The links below contain lots of useful build information.  See About page for DXF design files.

We also made prototypes of an 8″ propeller model with gimballed camera.  This is a georeferencing/mapping/programmable aerial search vehicle and the complete kit WITH controller and programming tablet all fit into a single Pelican 1300 box.